Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Press Release: Claire Bear's First Solo

Now more than ever little kids, and in particular little girls, need role models and media that will encourage them to reach for the heights.

I look at what passes for "empowerment" these days.... I just picked up a Veronica and Betty (Archies) comic book, which had both girls dressed in black fighting gear like Lara Croft, or Emma Peel... and what are they fighting in the story? A woman trying to steal their boyfriends away from them! Jesus. You've come a long way, baby, indeed.

Anyway, to the point of this post. I've often mentioned Powder Puff Pilot in these entries - I've been using their women's aviation calendar to riff on personalities, places, things, etc, and its owner Sue Hughes, will be appearing at quite a few events in the next several months. I share her press release. (And in particular, there are a couple of Clair Bear books, just right for little girls, and little boys!)

Appearances Scheduled for Powder Puff Pilot
February 10, 2009, Aurora, Colorado – The start-up Colorado-based web retailer of products for feminine flyers, Powder Puff Pilot, has announced several upcoming appearances on the national stage. Owner Sue Hughes, a pilot herself, is traveling to several aviation events to offer a line of products she's developed for women pilots—including a pink logbook and a T-shirt that offers ten reasons "Why Women Prefer Airplanes."

Hughes' first appearance is at the Author's Table at the 20th annual conference for Women in Aviation, International. More than 3,000 are expected to converge on Atlanta from February 26 to 28, where Hughes will be signing her first book, Claire Bear Presents… The Pilot Alphabet. In the 30-page children’s picture book published by LifeVest Publishing, Claire Bear (Ursus Aviatrix) journeys from Alfa to Zulu in a lyrical, rhyming fashion that teaches children the pilot (or NATO) alphabet.

In April, Hughes travels to Lakeland, Florida to attend the 6-day Sun 'n Fun, billed as "Spring Break for Pilots." She’ll be exhibiting with Flight Plan Magazine, a new national publication that will distribute its debut issue at the well-known aviation event. Hughes contributes a monthly column to Flight Plan Magazine, which proudly gives voice to the culture and lifestyle of those who experience life around aircraft—including pilots, line crew workers, mechanics, flight attendants, business owners, and women in all aspects of aviation. Hughes’ column, "Airlooms," honors pioneers who paved the way for those in aviation today.

Finally, Hughes has been invited to attend EAA's AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, "the world’s greatest aviation celebration," as a featured author. At this 7-day event, Hughes expects to debut her second book, Claire Bear's First Solo, in which the pink-clad aviatrix and Powder Puff Pilot spokesbear recalls the thrills, trepidation, and sense of accomplishment she felt during her first "go around the patch." Hughes will also introduce her page-a-day calendar for 2010, This Day in Women’s Aviation, which honors milestones and events of women from aviation’s past.

Powder Puff Pilot was founded in November 2008 by Sue Hughes of Aurora, Colorado. For further information or to order Powder Puff Pilot products, visit or call toll free at 888-801-6628.

LifeVest Publishing, Inc. is an independent publisher and printer located in Centennial, Colorado. Starting as a family-owned business in 2002, LifeVest became a privately owned corporation in 2005. For further information, visit or call toll free at 877-843-1007.

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