Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Roadable Times: The Flying Car website

I'm re-reading Zero 3 Bravo, as I'm working on a certain project (the nature of which I wont' mention until it's a bit further along) and I came across her paragraph about Dewey Bryan's Bryan III aircar, not to mention Robert Emerson Fulton Jr.'s Airphibian.

I'd known of course that inventors have been trying for a long time to design a workable aircar, but I'd never really done a study of them, but after coming across this paragraph I decided to look the Bryan III and the Airphibian up on the web.

Robert Emerson Fulton Jr., son of Robert Fulton the steamboat guy, was at Wikipedia - among other inventions of his is the Skyhook - also invented the Airphibian. Here's his 2004 obit: and here's his Wikipedia entry.

Leland Dewey Bryan however, does not have a Wikipedia entry. He does have an entry at the Roadable Times, however., which describes his three autocars. Bryan died in 1974 when the Bryan III crashed, apparently due to faulty lock to the wing.

The Roadable Times discusses all the inventors and aircar models. It's pretty cool.


Steve Head said...

I have a pic from like 1957 of the Bryan I on frozen Woodruff Lake across the road from his home.


Steve Head said...