Monday, February 9, 2009

Virgin Atlantic commercial: 25 years, still red hot

Just saw the news today that 29 people have complained to "the advertising watchdog" in England (whoever that might be) that the below commercial, is sexist and demeaning to women.

Well, of what does this commercial consist?

First, of course, all the Virgin attendants are beautiful and dressed in red. We see two stewardesses of another airline - both old, one rather plain and severe looking -- oh, guys, you wouldn't want to fly on *that* plane... we see *one* woman ogle the captain, everyone else is drooling over the women...

Sadly, if I watch an episode of CSI: Miami or even CSI: New York, we get that all episode long. Not to mention the most revolting show I have *ever* not seen (except for the trailers advertising it, "Manswers"), all about women doing their best to make men happy.

I have often complained that media continues to do a disservice to women. Today, women in the western world have the *freedom* to do whatever they want, to being an airplane pilot to a scientist to whatever, and so many of them settle for having a baby and living in a suburb watching TV all their lives while hubby goes out and has an interesting life.

And I think it's because media continues to portray women in such a way that that's w hat they're conditioned for. From day one, both boys and girls are inundated by commercials that show this - the boys always play with the fun, adventurous toys, the girls always play with the dolls, and are always gossiping or eyeing the boys - both sexes learn which sex is "the boss" and which merely exist to provide eye candy.

Indeed, there was once a pretty offensive Jello commercial, aimed at kids. New boy moves into town. Next thing you know, five girls are at his door, each one bearing a plate of jello and eyeing each other jealously. And these were six year olds! If I'd ever eaten jello, I'd have stopped after seeing that commercial!

The 29 complaints
Here in the United States, if one person complains about a book in the library, that book usually disappears immediately. One person expressing a complaint can be pretty powerful. Now if there are only 29 complaints to this watchdog group, bear in mind that for every one person who complains, 10,000 are offended but don't complain. (That's typically what is believed.)

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