Friday, July 10, 2009

How vomitable

Just saw a commercial for a movie called Labor Pains, starring Lindsay Lohan. Plot is that she works at a publishing firm, and is about to get fired because of cutbacks. But when she lies and tells them she's pregnant, all of a sudden she's not going to be fired, and of course everyone in the office starts treating her with kid gloves, ya da, ya da.

I just wanted to throw something at the TV.

In a way it's true, though. Company tries to fire a pregnant woman for cause, and all hell will break loose. "How can you fire her, she's pregnant!"

I can just see today's impressionable girls seeing how this woman gets all this extra-special treatment because she's pregnant, and decide to get pregnant themselves so they can get a little unconditional love.... before the kid actually arrives and they have to deal with diapers and food and crap like that when they can't even afford to keep themselves...

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