Tuesday, July 28, 2009

John and Martha King of Kingschools

On my recent trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming and back, I picked up lots of books on women in aviation, and took lots of photos...but I don't have time to share 'em now. So, here's more videos!

check out this site: http://kingschools.com

Here's the description from YouTube

"In front of every great woman...stands some guy blocking her view!"

John and Martha King were guest speakers at the 19th Annual International Women in Aviation Conference, in San Diego, California (March 13-15 2008). The topic? The persistence of gender discrimination among pilots.

John and Martha have shared 38 years of flying together and an equal partnership in business. Martha is the first woman to hold every category and class of pilot's license or certification and has flown on nearly every content in the world. Yet, the difference in reactions when people first meet John or Martha indicate that there is still a struggle with the thought of a woman pilot.

Martha presents tips to women on how to lead the change in status quo and succeed in aviation.

And here's part 2 of the video:

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