Monday, July 20, 2009

Model Airplane Secrets

When I was a kid, I tried to put some models together, but I admit I didn't have the patience for it. Both my sister and I got the Volkswagon bug, Herbie from the original The Love Bugmovie, and I had a U.S.S. Enterprise at one time. Unfortunately, although I enjoyed looking at completed models, especially of ships and classic planes, I simply didn't have the patience to do the minutiae needed to put them together properly.

Today, 40+ years later, I do have the patience, but I don't have the time.

If you have the time, and the patience, but are a little reluctant to get started, check out Model Airplane Secrets.

These aren't static planes that you build and put on a shelf (or give to your young son to play with in the bath, as my brother-in-law does!), these are planes you build and fly.

In addition to an ebook that tells all about building and flying model airplanes, you get these bonuses (seems like you always get bonuses with ebooks, but these are pretty cherce):

FREE Bonus Gift # 1- Model Airplane Insurance Special Report (a $9.97 Value)
As you become an avid model plan builder, flying in shows, for fun and at clubs, you increase your chances of accidents occuring. Thats is why it is recommended to have model airplane insurance in case an accident should occur. This report explains the importance of insurance and recommends companies that you can contact right away!

FREE Bonus Gift # 2- The "Airplane Clubs" Special Report (a $9.97 Value)
Because model airplaning is such an addictive hobby, you will more likely than not want to spend as much time flying as you possibly can. By joining a club, you will make friends with other people who love flying model airplanes and will have an absolute blast. In this handy reference guide, you will learn what to expect when you join an airplane club, including membership fees, rules, flying fields, activities and much more. Plus, this guide contains website addresses for over 35 of the world's most popular airplane clubs!

FREE Bonus Gift # 3- Model Aircraft Glossary (a $9.97 Value)
Learn the most common terms used in the Model Aircraft world. Understand and master the lingo so that you can not have a better degree of understanding of your model airplane and all the components but you will be able to speak intelligently to other model airplane enthusiasts.

FREE Bonus # 4 - 'Up And Away' - the British Model Flying Association Approved Flying Training Manual for R/C Power Flying
Connect directly to the BMFA to download your personal copy of this authoritative manual. Established over eighty years ago, the BMFA is the governing body for model aircraft flying in the UK and nobody knows more about every facet of model airplanes.

FREE Bonus # 5 - Electric 'Up and Away' - the 'electric' version of the British Model Flying Association Approved Flying Training Manual for Electric Powered Radio Controlled Model Gliders.
The BMFA manual that covers the specifics of electric flying. Connect directly to the BMFA to download your free copy.

FREE Bonus # 6 - Model Aircraft: A Guide to Safe Flying. The UK Civil Aviation Authority Civil Air Publication 658.
You might not realise it but your fun hobby of flying small objects around the sky is governed by national regulations, very probably by national laws and probably managed by the Civil Aviation Authority of your country. Connect directly to the UK CAA to download your copy of the guidance issued by the UK CAA, Safety Regulation Group. It may be different in your country but this is a great guide to the link between the lawmakers and us funseekers.

So check it out today, and get out on the runway with you and your daughter(s) tomorrow!

Model Airplane Secrets.

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