Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Treating girls and women like capable individuals

My trek from Cheyenne, WY back to Yorktown, VA has begun. On the way, I'm listening to Robin Bailey reading my favorite Agatha Christie novel, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. On occasion, I stop it and listen to Christian radio. I'm an atheist, but I just find it interesting to listen to these shows and the things they say.

Today I tuned in to this radio show: http://www.whitsend.org/

Not sure what the grandpa type character Whit does, but he's got a young teen named Connie and a young Teen named Eugene working for him. He pays Eugene three times as much as he pays Connie. The plot of the story was that someone wanted to blackmail him for being a male chauvanist because he pays the girl less than the boy.

Well, turns out the reason he does that is because he wants to start a college fund to send the girl through college... so he takes two thirds of her pay and puts it aside in a college fund! This is supposed to be a surprise for her.

And the girl listens to this and says, "Oh, Whit, I'm so grateful and so embarrassed."

And I'm thinking, wait a minute. *You're* starting a college fund for her, yet you're taking *her* money to do it? Without consulting her about it? As if she can't make her own decisions?

Hardly an inspiring story, I thought.

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