Thursday, July 22, 2010

PR: Here’s a chance to see the first production “dealer” Skycatcher, S/N 7, before it becomes a “private” Skycatcher!

I'm a bit late posting this press release. Sorry about that.

Just to let you know what you missed today, if you were busy watching golf:

On Saturday, July 17, between 10a.m. and 2p.m., visit Van Bortel Aircraft, Inc., at the Arlington (TX) Municipal Airport (KGKY).

The World’s Largest Cessna Dealer is the first to display the new C-162, fresh from a couple short hops out of Kansas.

There will be plenty of other Cessnas on display, as well – the Van Bortel folks will be glad to see you there.

Van Bortel Aircraft, Inc.
Arlington Municipal Airport • 4912 South Collins • Arlington TX 76018
1-800-SKYHAWK • 800-759-4295 • 817-468-7788 • Fax 817-468-7886

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