Thursday, July 1, 2010

Press Release: Murphy Renegade for sale

MURPHY RENEGADE and RENEGADE SPIRIT Available to Qualified Manufacturer

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Though Murphy Aircraft (Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada) struck a deal in early 2009 to sell the Rights and Assets of the Murphy Renegade line of aircraft, the buyer was ultimately unable to nail down the financing, and has lost its option. The good news is that the rights to manufacture the Renegade and Renegade Spirit, including customer leads and inquiries, intellectual property, fixtures and inventory, are again available.

In addition, Darryl Murphy, designer of the Renegade and Renegade Spirit, will be available on a consulting basis.

The Renegade is a light weight, two seat, open air, positive stagger biplane, built from a detailed kit. It was designed as an easy-to-build and easy-to-fly biplane that is capable of basic aerobatic maneuvers. Its fuselage is aluminum tube assembled with a proprietary extrusion at each tube cluster. The wings are constructed from stamped aluminum ribs over formed aluminum “C” channel rear spars and extruded rectangular main spars. The complete structure is covered with lightweight fabric. The most commonly used engines at the present time are the Rotax 912 and 912S, 80 or 100hp. Recently, the Rotec Radial engine of 110 HP has been gaining popularity in the Renegade; and smaller engines, down to 447cc, are also validated on this design. Well over 700 kits have been sold, important in the spares and replacement business, also included in this sale.

Included in the sale are:
Design rights for parts and aircraft
Manual, blueprints and operators manual
All drawings
All leads and inquiries from the last year
Design calculation book for the standard Renegade and Renegade Spirit
Design report for the Rotec radial-engine model.
Copies of brochures, price lists etc.
Suppliers list
Customer list
All existing inventory
All tooling:
-Fiberglass molds
-Welding fixtures
-Blanking dies
-Forming dies
-Drilling jigs
-Router jigs
-Assembly tables and jigs
Custom extrusions

One partially assembled aircraft.
Some basic training in assembly and use of fixtures and tooling, both to familiarize the new owner with the aircraft and processes and to verify all tooling, drawings, and documentation prior to shipment of same to the Buyer’s new location.

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