Monday, July 5, 2010

Press Release: Upgraded Billet Fuel Pump from Corbi Air Inc.

Upgraded Billet Fuel Pump from Corbi Air Inc.

Addresses SAIB on OEM Rotax 912 Pumps

On June 15, 2010, the FAA issued a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (CE-10-36), covering certain engines in several Rotax models: 912A, F, S, UL, ULS, and ULSFR. The SAIB’s main point is summed up thus:

“In some cases, if the input pressure to the mechanical fuel pump is high (e.g., due to an electric fuel pump upstream), the output pressure from the mechanical fuel pump could be excessive. This high fuel pressure may cause the engine to malfunction from flooding and/or cause fuel leakage.”

The “Billet Fuel Pump” resolves this potential problem, and offers long life, inexpensive rebuilds, and compatibility with any fuel the Rotax can burn, with unmatched reliability.

Further, Corbi has just announced that their Billet Fuel Pumps will now be issued with AN fittings.

The Billet Fuel Pump is immune to inlet overpressure, should the airframe design require an auxiliary pump. The Billet Fuel Pump is powerful enough to do the job alone, unless there is a specific airframe requirement for an aux pump (such as may be necessary to fill a header tank, or for fuel redistribution among tanks in flight).

Ron Corbi noted that he was about to announce the AN fitting upgrade when the SAIB was issued. “This is a great time to replace the original pump with a Billet Pump, and avoid these kinds of problems forever. If an owner is about to replace a suspicious pump anyway, why not replace it with a better design, a better pump?” Corbi added, “Owners of those ‘SAIB pumps’ have trouble enough. If an owner of an affected engine model places an order for our Billet Pump before Oshkosh, we’ll pay shipping in the continental USA.”

The Billet Fuel Pump is compact, fitting into virtually the same space as the original pump; and its remote regulator ensures both proper pressure and plenty of flow.

The Billet Fuel Pump is available immediately from Corbi Air; price is $382.

Salem, Ohio

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