Friday, March 18, 2011

Frederick Airport, MD, sets a new “one day, one location” aviation record

Women of Aviation week's blog has a nice article, they set a record at Frederick Airport over the weekend, 185 girls and women had their first flights!

Frederick Airport, MD, sets a new “one day, one location” aviation record
“I used to think that I had to get all my ratings and become a successful professional pilot before I could make a difference in aviation. I have recently learned, however, that I can make an impact regardless of my piloting title,” writes Victoria, Frederick’s event organizer, in her blog.

And what an impact she made!

Because of her and her leadership, 185 girls and women as young as 6 months and as old as 70 years went on their first smaller aircraft flight in Frederick, MD, on Saturday March 12 allowing the Frederick Airport aviation community to set a new aviation record for most girls and women introduced to flying in one day and one location.

21 pilots assisted by 30 ground volunteers spent five hours offering 20-minute flights to female residents of DC, MD, and VA. But there was much more to this event.

After their flight the participants went over to the education center where the EAA provided them time to see what the engine of an aircraft looks like and how to perform a preflight.

Norma Ely, an Air Traffic Manager from Andrews Air Force Base, the Andrews Air Force Base 1st Helicopter Squadron commanded by Lt Col Julie Grundahl, Jennifer Reineck, a First Officer from Air Wisconsin Airlines, Jane Wicker of Jane Wicker Airshows and the Sugarloaf Ninety-Nines happily answered participants’ questions.

The helicopter squadron flew a Huey in for display at the event and the MD State Police got to bring theirs over last minute as well!

Congratulations Victoria and the entire Frederick Airport aviation community for putting together such an amazing event!

For the latest information about the event, visit Victoria’s blog. (

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