Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday book: Girls Cant Be Pilots, by Margaret J. Ringenberg

Girls Can't Be Pilots, by Margaret J. Ringenberg with Jane L. Roth
Daedalus Press, 1998
299 pages, plus Appendix and Index. A few b&w photos scattered throughout the book.

From the day that she recieved the call to serve her country as a Woman's Air Force Pilot, Maggie Ray was off and flying and she hasn't stopped yet!

Margaret J. Rosenberg's dream took flight in the Women's Flying Training Detachment in 1943. More than fifty years later she is still living her dream. Readers will relate to her down-to-earth style as she shares her unique perspective on life as a female aviator. As a World War II ferry pilot, flight instructor, corporate pilot, and air racer, Mrs. Ringenberg has not only made history, set records, and won trophies; she has changed lives. All while doing what she loves-flying.

Margaret Ringenberg is an active pilot iwth more than 40,000 hours flying time. She holds both single-engine and multi-engine ratings. She began air racing in 1957, flying the last twenty Powder Puff Derbies and every Air Race Classic since 1977. In 1999 she fulfilled her dream of flying around the world. She is a native born Hoosier who is proud of the fact that except for her time in the military, she has never lived outside of Allen County, Indiana.

Table of Contents
Part 1: Learning to Fly
1. Girld can't be pilots. CAn they?
2. What if the pilot has a heart attack?
3. I just want to fly
4. Things I never told my mother
5. Impossible Dream
Part II: Flying for my country
6. The WASP
7. Silver Wings, Silver Screen
8. A Near Washout
9. Wilmington
10. I fell off the roof
11. I'll not be home for Christmas
12. I'm coming straight in
13. Women need not apply
Part III. Mixing Flying and Family
14. After the WASP, what?
15. WASP stings timberwolf
17. What does your mommy do?
18. Let me tell you about the time
Part IV: Flying for the fun of it
19. Racing 101
20. Why aren't you flying
21. Get to the finish line first
22. Race with the sun
23. The Yellow-tired Champ
24. Winning isn't everything
25. But neither is losing
26. Number two is number one
27. North to Alaska
Part V: Flying for Hire
28. Adventure in Old Mexico
29. The Honky-tonk Blues
30. All work and no play? Hardly!
Part VI: Flying around the World
31. Opportunity Knocks
32. The Land down under
33. Weeds in the Garden of life
34. On our last
35. And so on...

Appendix A - List of abbreviations
Appendix B - list of races
Appendix C - list of planes

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