Monday, January 26, 2009

Captain Gramma: Single Mom to Sky High

Just received this book: Captain Gramma: Single Mom to Sky High, by Nancy Welz Aldrich, for review, and will be reading it and reviewing it within the next couple of days.

Here's the backmatter:

A woman pilot? Everyone laughed at her. Everyone told her she was crazy. But Nancy Welz Aldrich, a 37-year old single mother of two, decided, once and for all, that she was going after her lifelong dream. With little money but plenty of perseverance, ldrich learned to fly. She worked as a travelling instructor and ferried airplanes before she was eventually hired by United Airlines.

In Captain Gramma,, she candidly tells how she rose through the ranks at United amidst great sexism and animosity. Best of all, Aldrich tells her story with plenty of humourous and shocking anecdotes, from taming unruly passengers to braving an emergency landing to sharing layover apartments with unexpected roommates.

Gi behins tbe scenes on an airline strike, ride in the cockpit, and feel the pull of flight simulators along the way with Aldrich's life journey.

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