Saturday, January 31, 2009

Women in Aviation from Sport's Illustrated's Vault

The SI Vault is online, and there are a few - a very few - articles on women pilots in its recesses.
Across America With the Powder Puffs, by Bill Maudlin. July 18, 1955
Up and Up Goes Jerrie Cobb (one of the Mercury 13), August 29, 1960
Fiance of Danger - a profile of 86-year old Marie Marvingt, June 26, 1961
Fly Away On Ladies Day, (Profile of Powder Puff Derby and its Silver Anniversary) July 19, 1971
With A Huff and a Puff (Profile, Powder Puff Derby), July 30, 1973
She Flies Through The Air With the Greatest of Ease: A profile of Edna Gardner Whyte, January 16, 1984

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