Thursday, January 1, 2009

Woman holds the only Bahrainian private pilot's license

Every day, I do a google news search on "woman pilot" and its variations, to see if there are any new articles.

Today, found one on Yvonne Trueman, a profile of her in the Gulf Weekly, "the community weekly in the heart of Bahrain."

"On the wings of a dream":
PILOT, runner and tireless charity worker, Yvonne Trueman celebrated 40 years in the air this week with a party for friends, family and fellow runners and fliers.

Yvonne first came to the island more than 30 years ago and is the holder of the first, and only, Bahraini Private Pilot's Licence (PPL) ever issued.

She is also Governor of the Middle Eastern area of the 99s, the International Organisation of Women Pilots.

See the complete profile at the link above.

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