Friday, December 11, 2009

Harriet Quimby: May 16, 1911

The Daily News, Frederick, Maryland. May 16, 1911

Harriet Quimby, well-known to the reading public through her writings in Leslie's Weekly Paper (which were syndicated and thus appeared in other, daily, newspapers around the country), wants to become a "skyscraper."

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Here's what the text says:

Miss Harriet Quimby of San Francisco hopes to attain the distinction of being the first American woman to obtain an aviator's license. She is making daily flights at the aviation school at Garden City. N. Y., in a monoplane. Miss Quimby has had considerable experience in motoring and thinks skyscraping hardly more dangerous than riding in a high power automobile. A far greater number of American women drive cars than do English or French women, and yet there are already several French women aviatois. Miss Quitnby doesn't see why we shouldn't have some good American women air pilots.

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