Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ruth Elder and women's fashions 1928

Ruth Elder was an extremely famous, and wealthy, aviatrix in the late 1920s early 1930s. Below is a video of 1929 fashions. It is silent, except for piano music, but take a look at 5 minutes 8 seconds in. It showcases Ruth Elder, climbing out of her plane to show off her "chapeau." This was before the 1929 Powder Puff Derby.

Women pilots have been in the newspapers since the beginning - their exploits have always been covered...and yet there are people today who still don't think women can fly...or think that the only woman pilot ever is Amelia Earhart!

That's because (in my opinion) the achievement of women pilots, and other adventurous women - scuba divers, explorers, etc., has always been swallowed up in the "chatter" of mass media's advertisements which do their level best to reduce women to sex object and sex object only.

Take a look at the "reality TV" garbage that girls - and boys - are inculcated with these days. "Little Miss Perfect," about 5 and 6 year old girls all dolled up and prancing precociously on stage. "Wife Swap." "Bad Girls Club."

Are there any sit coms or Reality shows that show strong women going about living their lives, investing in their careers, with men as an adjunct? A necessary adjunct, of course, but still just an adjunct ---- just as wives are typically little more than adjuncts to men and their careers.


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Danielle Podolsky- Elder said...

I just thought if anyone was interested in learning more about Ruth Elder, they may want to just ask her family. Ruth is my Great-great Aunt. She was an amazing person who really tried so hard to be everything America placed on her shoulders. For any more info, or if you have any information please email me at Thank you.

Danielle Podolsky- Elder said...

Ruth Elder is my Great-great Aunt! I have tons of information to share about how lovely and strong she was in her lifetime.