Friday, December 4, 2009

OT: New Moon movie so popular it's scary

I find it very scary and very depressing that Twilight: New Moon is apparently so popular.

I've never seen it, never will, but I take the liberty of sharing the plot that explains exactly why ever independent woman should just sit down any girl who wants to see this crap and explain to her that if she's "nothing" without a man, then she's nothing, regardless.

Eddie and Bella are still together at the start of New Moon. Still broody, still hot for each other, still unable to do anything about it. Bella is obsessing over her age and her looks. She turns 18 at the start of the movie and is having nightmares about slowly aging while Eddie remains eternally young and beautiful. She continues to ask Edward to turn her into a vampire and he continues to refuse. Edward, you see, is worried about Bella's soul. He considers himself damned and doesn't want the same fate for her.

He has other worries. After an incident where Bella gets a paper cut and the blood drives one of the other Cullen boys into a violent frenzy and he tries to eat her (not making that up, really), Ed decides that perhaps being a human living amongst bloodthirsty monsters may not be the best lifestyle choice for young Bella.
So he leaves. Of course, Bella has no choice in this. Big Ed tells her he's leaving with his family:

"I don't want you to come"

They don't intend for that line to have a double meaning, but it does…
Bella is devastated, of course. She mopes for months and starts having nightmares that she can't explain. She weeps, she grumps and generally acts like a teenage girl who's been dumped for the first time. She also blows off her family and friends, becomes distant and uninterested in anything. She is nothing without Edward but an emo wreck in plaid.

Just the kind of pathetic role model that today's girls do NOT need.

This is kind of funny:

Audience for New Moon is 80% women. Sad. Very sad.

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