Monday, December 7, 2009

OT: Mrs Tiger Woods, Divorce Your Husband Now!

Everyone has heard by now that Tiger Woods had a car accident, and suspicion is rife that it was actually his wife, going after him with a golf club, that caused said accident.

And why would his wife go after him with a golf club? Because she found out he was having an affair. affair is not sooo bad, everybody is saying. Lots of guys have an affair, but still love their wives....

So, I suppose Tiger Woods and Mrs. Woods could just go to marriage counseling and restore the trust in the marriage, and there's no need for Mrs. Woods to divorce her husband over one mistake.

But now it turns out that Tiger had at least 7 mistresses. (Now, that's disugsting in itself, actually. If you're a mistress of a man, you don't oome out and brag about it, surely. The only reason why these women are popping out of the woodwork is because they want to sell their stories for 7 figures to book and magazine authors. They're as bad as Tiger is.)

Well...I've just looked up to see how long Tiger and his wife were married and its been 7 years... so I suppose one mistress a year would have been okay... but I get the impression that he actually had 7 mistresses in the last year....

In any event, if Mrs. Woods sticks with her husband after these revalations, then she's an idiot. Or a gold-digger. (Like many politician's wives, she has probably been prevailed upon by "his people" to stay with the guy for a year or so before she gets a divorce, just to lessen the impact on the public.)

And of course there's the other end of the stick. After all, it was Mrs. Tiger Woods who (allegedly) attacked her husband with a golf club. Who knows what other violent acts she might get up to, as the list of Woods' mistresses mount? Safer for them both to just get a divorce!

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