Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Women Aviators in Documentaries: Sourcebook

Finding the website for the documentary on the Powder Puff Derby inspired me to set up a sourcebook for documentaries on women in aviation.


So far the docs listed are:

--The Legend of Pancho Barnes (brand new, showing at film festivals and available at Amazon.com)
--Lady Icarus: The Life of Irish Aviatior Mary Heath (a documentary holding fire due to lack of funds)
--The Rag Wind Derby (in production)
--Wings of Their Own (documentary featuring interviews with several WASP and other pilots, available from their official website)
--Fly Girls (PBS documentary on the WASP)
--Women of Courage (documentary on the WASP, no longer available)

There have been so many documentaries on Amelia Earhart that I won't cover them in this sourcebook, but rather in one specific to Earhart herself.

Anyone putting together (or have you put together, or want to put together) a documentary on women aviators - or ground crew, or indeed, involved in aviation in any capacity) please contact me and I'll put your documentary in the sourcebook.

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