Wednesday, January 20, 2010

General Aviation Pilots Flying Assistance to Haiti

Just got my Aviation eBrief today, and thought I'd share this particular article.

Pilots step up to help Haiti
While many pilots are helping with the disaster relief efforts in Haiti by donating funds, some have connected with organizations and started using their aircraft to help deliver supplies.

General aviation pilots are still asked to not fly into Port-au-Prince to avoid interfering with relief efforts there, but some outlying airports in Haiti are open and pilots are delivering supplies to them from the Bahamas and Dominican Republic.

“As always, the GA community is demonstrating its tremendous compassion for those in need and taking immediate action to help,” said AOPA President Craig Fuller. “General aviation has the unique flexibility to use reliever airports to enhance the relief efforts taking place in Port-au-Prince. Working through a variety of humanitarian groups here in the United States and in Haiti, pilots are making a real difference.”

Read the complete article at the link above.

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lindsey said...

This is awesome. I would love to have my pilot's license so I could help!!!!