Thursday, January 7, 2010

News of the Weird: Aviation Style

Just picked up a copy of Airliners Magazine. They have an "unusual and interesting news items" section called Tail Pieces.

From that, I gleaned the follwing info.

There's a site called where people actually go to post photos of themselves that they've taken in the lavatories of commercial airplanes. Now this is not the silliest thing I've ever seen, that would have to go to .... I can't even remember now, that Walmart website where people post photos of individuals who need to be seriously coached on their dress sense ... but it's up there. I mean, I can see a website where people post pictures of their travels with Flat Stanley or the female equivalent, Flat Stacy and Flat Jessica. But pictures of oneself sitting on a toilet?

Then there's furniture designers who make furniture out of used airplane parts. Check the out at

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