Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PR: Aviation Themed Greeting Cards for Pilots

January 27, 2009, Aurora, Colorado - Ever search for just the right way to thank a pilot? Or to tell one you're thinking about them? A Denver-based web retailer has just the thing, as Powder Puff Pilot announced a new line of notecard sets for pilots: Not for Navigation Greetings. Their initial offering, boxed sets of eight notecards, come in two flavors: Thank You and All Occasion.

Since 80% of greeting cards are purchased by women, the introduction of a greeting card line by Powder Puff Pilot, which designs gear and accessories for women pilots, was a natural fit. Each Not for Navigation Greetings card pairs a graphic that is very familiar to pilots-such as an IFR or VFR chart, instrument approach plate, or airport diagram-with plays on aviation terms. A notecard in the Thank You set, for example, has "Thanks" at the bottom of a chart on the front and, on the inside, "Thanks from the bottom of my chart." Among the designs in the All Occasion set is one with a band-aid on a sectional chart on the front, and the inside says "Sectional healing." Another says "INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK" on the inside, a phrase recognized by every pilot.

"Yes, the puns will elicit some groans," admitted Sue Hughes, owner of Powder Puff Pilot and designer of Not for Navigation Greetings, "but each one is an inside joke for pilots." Even the name of the line, "Not for Navigation," is understood in aviation circles as a phrase found on any chart that is intended for purposes other than navigation, such as training or decorative use.

Thank You and All Occasion notecard sets are available for purchase from the company website (Powder Puff Pilot) or from over 50 FBOs across the U.S. that carry Powder Puff Pilot products. A wide range of single cards by Not for Navigation Greetings is expected soon.

Powder Puff Pilot was founded in November 2008 by Sue Hughes of Aurora, Colorado. Additional products include the Claire Bear children's book series about aviation, pink aviation headsets, pink pilot logbooks, E6B watches for women, and rose-colored aviator sunglasses. For further information or to order Powder Puff Pilot products, visit Powder Puff Pilot or call toll-free at 888-801-6628

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