Friday, January 15, 2010

Jacqueline Cochran profiled at Investor's Business Daily

I was quite surprised and pleased to see this.

It's 4 pages long, and of course only scratches the surface of what Jackie Cochran accomplished.

In an era when many women didn't have driver's licenses, Jacqueline Cochran set records as a pilot.

At a time when teaching, nursing and secretarial work were the most popular careers for women, Coch-ran owned her own company.

Born into poverty but blessed with beauty and drive, Cochran sought a cosmetics career.

What began as a way to build a beauty business became her claim to fame and her lifelong passion.

To gain a competitive edge, she learned to fly. The woman who was fashionable on the ground turned out to be fast and fearless in the air.

Read the complete article at the link above.

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