Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Wish I Could Slap Danica Patrick

I'm watching the US Army All-American Bowl on NBC. Well...not really watching it, I've got it on with the sound down, while I wait for the real football which is to start in an hour... and I see a GoDaddy commercial which features Danica Patrick speeding in a car. She is pulled over by a police officer, who is a woman, who is apparently sexually attracted to Danica and pulls off her uniform shirt as if she's stripping to reveal a GoDaddy sports bra underneath.

I'd like to slap Danica, and that other actress, and whatever male chauvanist pig wrote that commercial.

Unfortunately, GoDaddy actually is the company I use to register my domain names, because it's very easy to do there... so I'm going to be writing them a letter of complaint directly, as well, for this demeaning commercial. And I'm going to be investigating other companies to move my business to.

But Patrick really should be ashamed of herself. Women athletes have enough trouble being taken seriously, without adding a hint of lesbianism and lasaciviousness into the mix. Not that there's anything wrong with being a lesbian, but there's a tasteful display of two women -- or two men -- being attracted to each other, and then there's the lascivious and demeaning - to both women and police officers - display that this commercial propogates --- one shown in a time frame where the vast majority of the audience is probably straight, young male teens who have just had it confirmed for them yet again that the only reason that women are on this earth is to provide eye candy for them, and to have it reinforced for any female watchers that yes... that's the way to attract a man!

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