Friday, February 5, 2010

Centennial of Women Pilots

Found a new website devoted to women pilots.

I take the liberty of sharing their mission statement below.

About the Centennial of Licensed Women Pilots Event
On March 8, 1910, Raymonde De Laroche (1886 – 1919), an experienced French balloonist, was the first woman to earn a pilot license worldwide. She was the first but certainly not the last (click here for more). One century later, the woman pilot population has grown tremendously and women pilots are making breakthroughs each and every day (click here for more).

However, women pilots still represent less than 7% of the total pilot population in most countries. One of the challenges for the next century is to encourage more women to become a pilot. Nothing can inspire a woman to learn to fly more than meeting a woman who became a pilot.

To celebrate the Centennial of Licensed Women Pilots and Women’s Day, women pilots from around the world will attempt to set a new worldwide flying record: the most women pilots introducing a woman to flying in one single day, March 8, and in one single week, March 6 to March 12.

Help establish a world record, take a woman on a short flight to introduce her to the joys of flying.

To become an official woman pilot participant, you must:

Be a woman
Hold at least a private pilot license
Be current for the carriage of passengers per the requirements of the country in which your pilot license was issued
Use an aircraft carrying appropriate passenger liability insurance

Register as a participant in this website (click here to register for free)
Locate potential women passengers, not holding a pilot license, willing to go on a flight with you on March 8 2010 or anytime from March 6 to March 12 2010

Organize and conduct the flight in VFR weather while respecting all applicable regulations
Send us a photo of you and your passenger along with a proof of the date of the flight to be recognized as a official world record participant and receive your certificate of participation

When you become an official participant by registering, you will gain access to promotional materials to help you organize the event at your airport and become part of a group of proactive women pilots that will shares ideas with you and give you support. As an option, you can upgrade to a Premium Participant membership for just $30 USD. The Premium Participant membership option will give you the opportunity to create your own group web page and blog to communicate with your friends and volunteers, to create photo galleries, to create and maintain a personal blog, and receive the pure silk official Centennial of Women Pilots Aviatrix Scarf. Portions of the Premium Participant proceeds will be donated to women pilots scholarships.

As a woman pilot, you have already proven that you like to take on challenges. On March 8 2010 or anytime from March 6 to March 12 2010, stand up and be counted. Let the world know that women fly and will continue to fly for centuries to come. Introduce the next generation of women pilots to aviation. To get started, register today for free.

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