Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jerrie Cobb

There are a couple sites on the web that are article banks, like Helium and EzineArticles. Their only qualification to get something published is that an article be over a certain word-length. So I always review such articles with large grains of salt - typically they are very poorly written, and poorly reasoned as well - although of course there are exceptions. (I contributed a few articles to both these places, for example, before deciding that it was pointless - I'd rather publish my articles on my own website!)

In any event, a woman has just published a brief (3 page) biography of Jerrie Cobb at Helium, and while it glosses over a few things (it claims she was "the first woman to pass NASA astronaut training" and that's not true - she, and the rest of the Mercury 13, were never in "astronaut training" -- they were taking the same physiological and psychological tests as the men, that's all -- and there, Cobb's test results did exceed those of the men), it is an excellent introduction to her.

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