Thursday, February 4, 2010

"A Pilot's Story" & "The Aviators" Joint Venture

I am on the mailing list for Wilco Films, who are producing the documentary A Pilot's Story. I got their latest newsblast in my email, and I don't think they'll mind if I share it here.

The producers of a couple of aviation projects - the TV show 'The Aviators' and the film 'A Pilot's Story' recently announced a production joint venture. Wilco Films, the producer of the upcoming aviation documentary will provide footage and content to FourPoints Television productions, the producers of the weekly TV series 'The Aviators' in the upcoming season one of the show.

Anthony Nalli, Executive Producer of 'The Aviators' said "The fusion of the creative strengths of both production teams will serve to make The Aviators even more captivating... A literally awesome television experience for our viewers who are passionate about aviation."

Rico Sharqawi, Executive Producer & Will Hawkins Director of 'A Pilot's Story' said "We are thrilled about this joint venture. Our goals are similar and that is to introduce aviation to every household and attract more people to flying. The number of licensed pilots is decreasing and we hope to reverse that by producing compelling and inspirational TV and video content."

About 'The Aviators': 'The Aviators' is a new weekly TV series which will premiere across North America this fall. The show will be distributed to all 320 Public Broadcasting Stations across the United States, will air on network television in Canada, and will be distributed throughout Europe and Asia. The series was created by aviation television veteran John Lovelace, creator and 10-year host of 'Wings Over Canada.'
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