Saturday, February 6, 2010

Women Set To Seek A World's Record on March 8 - Be Part Of It

A couple of days ago I shared a link to the website,, and their mission statement, but I didn't really make it clear what the stakes are, so I thought I'd repost it and focus specifically on what they're trying to do.

From March 8, 2010 (that's the 100th anniversary of Baroness Raymonde de Laroche earning her pilot's license) to March 12, women pilots in almost every state will be flying female passengers - girls who want to fly, in an effort to set a few world records:

Most women introduced to aviation in one location on March 8
Most women introduced to aviation in one location from March 6 to March 12
Most unusual introduction flight (criteria include type of aircraft, location or destination, pilot or passenger uniqueness)
To qualify, participants must post an announcement describing the
planned event or flight in the "Advertise Your Event" section of the
Forums (at the Centenniel of Women Pilot's site) before March 1st.

So any woman pilot reading this blog, who hasn't yet heard of this program, check it out now! Let's introduce aviation to today's girls, and give them flight plans instead of fairy tales!

As an aside, don't forget to check out my comic strip, The Lady and the Tiger. By the time the first story-arc ends, my heroine, Shannon Scott, will actually be meeting Raymonde de Laroche (in a Twilight Zone inspired moment).

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