Monday, February 15, 2010

Tiny Red Swastikas on a Plane Do Not = Nazi!

The headline of the article was written to shock and outrage.

Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue pairs bikinis with swastikas

But it's much ado about nothing.

Sports Illustrated took photos for their swimsuit issue of some model standing next to a WWII era plane, that had Nazi stickers on it. The nose-art was of a woman in a silver bikini, the model is standing in front of the plane, it's actually a pretty cool juxtaposition.

Now, anyone older than 20 has got to know that when American pilots (and British pilots too, presumably) shot down a German plane, they'd put a little swastika on the plane to count the kill. And red balls on white backgrounds for Japanese kills.

Yet the reaction to the photo, if this article (link above) is to be believed, is that people are claiming that the photo is "pro-Nazi", that it was in bad taste,
and they wonder why the model couldn't have been posed so that she covered up the swastikas. Here's a clue, guys. The viewer knows it's a WWII-era plane because of those stickers!

For anyone to have a hissy fit at this is just ridiculous, and shows that political correctness has gone over the madness horizon and is accelerating.

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