Sunday, November 1, 2009

Amelia: The Movie that Should Have Been

I'm an admirer of Amelia Earhart, but truth be told I never was really planning to go see this movie, as it seemed rather obvious from the previews that they were going to focus on the love triangle between Putnam (her husband, played by Richard Gere) and Gene Vidal (played by Ewen McGregor). And I wanted it to concentrate on her flying.

You want to know the movie that should have been made? The movie that I will make, should I ever get the funds. (We're talking lottery winner here. day...)

The Powder Puff Derby.

The very first Powder Puff Derby, in 1929.

Now that would make a great movie...or maybe a mini-series. Focus on the top five pilots....including Marvel Crosson, the only woman who died during the race - and the reason she did so - faulty design of her plane. Their love of flying and their perseverance in the face of obstacles put in their way by both men and women, as in 1929 women just were not supposed to be independent. (Supposedly, only 6% of pilots were women back then. 80 years later, the percentage is still the same.)

Hmmm... I see that Marvel Crosson doesn't even rate an entry at Wikipedia!

Check her out at

Twenty women entered the Derby. The course took eight days to fly and navigate using only dead reckoning and road maps. "Undaunted by route changes, sabotage, and death, 14 women completed the Derby with Louise Thaden finishing first".

Other participants:

Gladys O’Donnell
Amelia Earhart
Blanche Noyes
Ruth Elder
Neva Paris
Mary Haizlip
Opal Kunz
Mary von March
Vera Dawn Walker
Phoebe Omlie
Edith Foltz
Jessie Keith-Miller
Thea Rasche
Bobbi Trout

What happens if the movie Amelia fails at the box office? I've read reviews that say that the script sucks - it is poorly written and directed. Does that matter to the powers that be that fund movies...or will they just look at the fact that a movie starring a woman in the title role failed, and not bankroll any others?

It's similar to what goes on in TV. Criminal Minds, the new remake of It Takes a Thief, White Collar...all that crap...they all have male leads. You're telling me they couldn't have a woman conman and a woman minder in White Collar?

And of course the sitcoms. Always male headliners. They've got wives, of course, sensible wives who put up with klutzy husband...

There's no shows today like Designing Women or Golden Girls..

I've seen Rita Rocks and Sherri... well, haven't seen them but I've seen the ads for them...but those are exceptions to the rule. Oh - and Girlfriends...although that's kind of an old show...I emjoy watching that...

I'd so love to see a sitcom with a woman pilot, perhaps, or a woman basketball player..maybe a woman inventor!

Well...once I get the funds (one must think positive) I'll institute a revolution in programming for women. Get rid of all that relationship crap advice shows and get 'em outward bound!

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