Saturday, November 14, 2009

Amelia: Why We Still Care

Picked up the January 2010 issue of Aviation History. Amelia Earhart is on the cover.

There's an excellent article about her within, featuring 2 full size photos and several smaller photos, and 5 pages of text. There's also a one-page article on the making of the aircraft replicas in Amelia, starring hilary Swank.

Here's the table of contents of the issue:

1. Amelia: Still a star in the media firmament 72 years after she disappeared, Earhart remains a woman of mystery. By Stephen Wilkinson

2. Duel in the Rising Sun: A young mechanic found himself behind a PBY's machine gun--and in the sights of a Zero pilot--on the date that would live in infamy. By L. E. Rogers

3. The Adventures of Flying Fitz: Irishman James Fitzmaurice copiloted the Junkers W33 Bremen, first to cross the Atlantic from east to west. By Derek O'Connor.

4. Kamikaze Killer: Britain's Seafire took the reputation of its land-based forebear, the Spitfire, to sea as an interceptor par excellence. By Donald Nijboer

5. Made in America: Although still technically neutral, the US was the world's biggest exporter of fighters early in World war II. By ER Johnson.

And since Amazon doesn't have a subscription for Aviation History on offer, get this one instead - perfect for the aviation enthusiast for Christmas.

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