Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas presents for the female aviation enthusiast

Every pilot deserves to get pilot-related gear for Christmas of course (or whatever holiday observance one celeberates in late December), but since this blog is dedicated to women in aviation, they're the ones I'm concentrating on!

Whether your daughter, girlfriend or wife, or even sister, is an armchair pilot or a dedicated flyer, she'll probably enjoy some of the items below. And get your daughter started on a life that soars with some good role model material, too!

Got the very first newsletter from PowderPuff Pilot yesterday, announcing some of their new items. Everything's in pink.

Pink-tinted sunglasses from Scheyden Precision Eyewear :
Palisades - Radically Cool - Size: 48 x 17

Avalon - Grace, Power, and Speed - Size: 48 x 17

Avalon Wrap - Grace, Power, and Speed - Size: 53 x 17

No one will ever pick up your sunglasses by mistake again, and vice versa!

The Abingdon E68 watch styles are Jackie and Amelia

T-shirts, scarfts, fleece jackets with the PowederPuff logo

Pilot Stuff
Logbook with a pink cover, pink headseats

Fiction and non-fiction books for adults, dedicated to aviation, and Sue Hughes' own children books with Claire Bear.

The Woman in Aviation desk top calendar - get ready for next year!

Miscellaneous for kids
Patches and stickers

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