Wednesday, November 4, 2009

PR: Best Ever Tire Gauge Kit

Received this press release today:

Tool Testing Lab, a leading metrology and certification lab in the USA, has added to its line of tools for professional mechanics and technicians, with a customizable wide-range tire pressure gauge set.

In all applications, tire pressure is important for optimum performance and tread life. This is especially true in aviation, where tires are often critically stressed and where underinflation can cause total failure of the tire or even of the wheel.

Industry standards permit aircraft tires to lose as much as 1% of their pressure each day, and even mild underinflation can allow temperatures to rise exponentially, sometimes resulting in heat-induced failure even while taxiing. Low tire pressure lengthens the takeoff roll, degrades ground handling, and reduces the brakes’ predictability and effectiveness.

Tool Testing Labs’ versatile kit includes three heavy-duty brass-body analog gauges, each further protected by a heavy rubber boot. Angled and straight chucks with flexible hose handles allow positive readings of virtually all pneumatic wheels and tubes filled with air or other inert gases such as nitrogen, making this kit useful also in auto and truck applications. Quick-disconnect couplings allow instant interchange of chucks and gauges.

Gauge ranges

· 0-15 psi
· 0-30 psi
· 0-60 psi
· 0-100 psi
· 0-160 psi
· 0-200 psi
· 0-300 psi
(one set of choices – for illustration)

Customers have total flexibility in their choices. Any three ranges can be included – or all three gauges can be the same. Gauges are available dry or liquid-filled, in any combination.

Choose from three separate styles of tire chucks: straight (with or without a hose), or dual-foot chucks. Again, any combination is available.

Because tires can look different to different people or under different conditions (dusty, clean, wet), Tool Testing Lab has also included a tire tread depth gage.

The rugged high-impact black case and fitted foam inner liner protect everything and give an instant inventory of the kit’s contents while ensuring the long life and continued high reliability of the gauges.

A one-year long-form National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable certification and a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship assure accuracy of +-1%.

The psi-calibrated gauge set is available immediately. Price for the complete 3-gauge kit, in any range or choice of ranges, is set at $275.00.

For more information or to place an order, contact:

Tool Testing Lab
11180 N. Dixie Drive
Vandalia, Ohio 45377

Bob Beck
Sales Manager

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