Wednesday, November 4, 2009

OT: Misrepresenting the goods

I have always watched TV commercials with a sensitive eye...some might say over-sensitive... is this commercial giving a good or bad impression of women, is my grading criteria. Of course, 99% of commercials these days give bad portrayals of the adults - the husband's a doofus, the wife's a bossy know-it-all, and the kids, no matter how young they might be, are 100% smarter and sassier than their parents and I just want to slap them all.

Anyway, about 4 pm today I was watching Law and Order: SVU on the USA channel, and there came an advertisement for a push up bra from Victoria Secret. It would increase the appearance of women's breasts by two cup sizes. The commercial itself showed these tall, long-legged, skinny models prancing up and down a catwalk, all with not very large breasts. I can't remember the verbiage, but it was something about, "Now you can be a bombshell and make your breasts look up to two times larger."

Now, I've got to admit I've never understood the reason for wanting to look more endowed than you are. Because it's all about getting a guy into your bedroom, isn't it. (Or these days, into a quiet area under a bush or in a car...) In any event, he's sexually attracted to you because he think you're a C-cup, you take off your pushup bra and it turns out you're only an A, isn't he going to be a wee bit disappointed that you don't measure up? Of course he'll stay for the sex anyway - guys are guys, after all. (Here's a tip, ladies. Guys are guys. If you make it clear you want sex, he'll give it to you, A cup or C cup. No need to pretend.)

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