Saturday, November 21, 2009

WASP Janet Lee Simpson's insatiable taste for danger

Wings and Wasp Blog had a good article on Friday about

She became a media darling in the early 1930s when she and her sister, Kathryn, flew with her parents, Lt. Col. George R. Hutchinson and his wife, Blanche, to every state on the continent. Their travels and travails were plastered across newspapers nationwide, and she parlayed that fame into multiple radio and Broadway appearances.

She also had an insatiable taste for danger.

See the link above for the complete article.

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Julia said...

I am well acquainted with Janet, and would like to correct the writer's assumption that Janet Lee Simpson has an "insatiable taste for danger." That is actually the very opposite of her true nature, I believe. A more true statement is that Janet has an insatiable taste for flying. She loved learning to be a pilot, which she mastered, and she loved flying. She did not equate piloting a plane with danger, but rather with the closest to nature and her higher power. Fear and danger never played a part in it. thank you for allowing me to post this.