Saturday, December 31, 2011

Breakaway: the History of Women in Aviation December 2011

The December 2011 issue of Breakaway: History of Women in Aviation is now available for the Kindle *and* the Nook.

Link to December issue.
and ToC
1. News Articles, December 1-31, 2011: Headlines Only
2. News Headlines and First 2 Paragraphs of each story, December 1-31, 2011

1. History of the Powder Puff Derby: The Second Race – 1948
2. Picture Books: Ruth Law Thrills a Nation and Soar, Elinor!
3. Book Reviews: No Visible Horizon: Surviving the World’s Most Dangerous Sport
* Index for No Visible Horizon
* Women Aerobatic Pilots Mentioned in No Visible Horizon

1. Women Pilots: 1910 to 1918

November issue for the Kindle
1. Aviation Calendar – January 2012

1. Vernice Armour: Accelerated Passion
2. Why I Am Not Afraid to Fly, by Katherine Stinson (1919)
3. History of The Powder Puff Derby: The First Race – 1947

1. News Articles, November 1-30, 2011: Headlines Only
2. News Headlines and Brief Synopsis of Articles, November 1-30, 2011

1. Selected Museums Devoted to Women in Aviation

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