Friday, December 30, 2011

WASP sites on the web

There are a few websites about the WASP.

WASP Museums
There are two bricks and mortar WASP museums. One is at Avenger Field in Sweetwater Texas.
(I've been to this one.)

There were plans for a WASP museum in Quartzite, AZ but that does not appear to be going anywhere. (So it's not actually a bricks and mortar museum...) (website not updated since 2010)

WASP Virtual Museums
Wings Across America is dedicated to preserving the history of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII and making sure it is included as an exciting motivational educational resource in classrooms across America and into the next century.

HOW? By giving each and every WASP the opportunity to share her own eyewitness account of her service to her country in the privacy and comfort of her own home. Each and every story is important and focuses on her entire life. Interviews are shot by professional videographers on digital video tape, using professional lighting and audio equipment.
Once these stories are captured as broadcast quality video,the footage will be digitized, along with personal photographs and documents. These will all be edited onto individual WASP Web pages for each and every WASP. Once this content is captured and digitized, EVERYTHING is possible, including kiosks at the Air Force Academy, Air Force Museum, National WASP WWII Museum, and Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.
Andy's WASP web pages

Texas Woman's University WASP holdings

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